1 Oct
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What We’re Looking For

For today, another quote from The Sacred: Wisdom from Contemplative Teachers, curated by Mirabai Bush:

“I think people everywhere, young and old and in between, are searching for signs of the sacred in their life, all the time, whether they know it or not. Although there are some tools of practice being used for results simply like stress reduction, I think that’s not ultimately what people are looking for.

“They’re looking for liberation. They’re looking for the sacred. They’re looking to feel that sense of belonging. They want to love and they want to feel unconditional love. And they have wanted that from time immemorial. It is that sacredness that doesn’t need a religious institution. The greatest power of the contemplative arts and meditation is the renewal of the sacred.”

— Steven Smith, founder of Hawai’i Insight Meditation Center

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