About Us

Dharma Town is intended as a sangha-building resource for practitioners of Insight, Mindfulness and Metta Meditation in the St. Louis area. In support of our practice both on and off the cushion, Dharma Town provides current information about study and sitting groups, social events and other related activities, plus reflections on all-things-dharma at “Dharma Town Times.”

Our Staff:

There is no staff. Just me.

My name is Jan Rosamond. I design, write, edit, manage, and everything else here at DharmaTown.

I was first introduced to Insight Meditation by Mirabai Bush at an employee retreat offered by Monsanto (of all places!) back in 1998. I was smitten.

Since then I’ve sat more than 500 nights on silent retreat with many Western Insight teachers including Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Boorstein, Guy Armstrong, Sally Armstrong, Ajahn Sucitto, Bhikkhu Analayo, Sayadaw U Tejaniya (in Burma), and many more. In addition, I have completed Spirit Rock’s Dedicated Practitioner (DPP4) and Community Dharma Leader (CDL5) training programs. My guiding teacher is Phillip Moffitt.