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Every town needs a library! So this is Dharma Town’s place to come for recommendations on books….both new finds and old favorites. It’s still under construction, but for now, I’ve decided to highlight a Featured Selection here on the Library Home Page, and to start filling in the categories above as books come to mind, or I stumble upon them. Suggestions are welcome. Contact me here if you have a favorite you’d like included.

I’ve chosen the categories above because the books I have in mind seem to fit into them. I’m sure this will change. Stay tuned.

Featured Selection:

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening, by Joseph Goldstein

“The mind contains the seeds of its own awakening–seeds that we can cultivate to bring forth the fruits of a life lived consciously. With Mindfulness, Joseph Goldstein shares the wisdom of his four decades of teaching and practice in a book that will serve as a lifelong companion for anyone committed to mindful living and the realization of inner freedom.

“Goldstein’s source teaching is the Satipatthana Sutta, the Buddha’s legendary discourse on the four foundations of mindfulness that became the basis for the many types of Vipassana (or insight meditation) found today. Exquisite in detail yet wholly accessible and relevant for the modern student, Mindfulness takes us through a profound study of Ardency…, the Satipatthana refrain…, Mindfulness of Body…, Mindfulness of Feelings…, Mindfulness of Mind…, Mindfulness of Dhammas…, including the Seven Factors of Awakening and much more.” from jacket cover intro