19 Feb
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In One’s Own Mind

not-out-thereA little more today from the Tricycle interview with Joseph Goldstein:

“One of the qualities that has sustained my practice over these many years is a tremendous interest in, even fascination with, the nature of mind. What is this experience we call mind? What is mind as a phenomenon? What actually IS awareness or consciousness?

“This is such a powerful arena of investigation. And what thoughts and emotions influence and color this mind? We can see that our whole life, our whole word, in one way or another is a manifestation of mind.

“From one perspective, we could say that what’s going on in the world is a galactic battle of mental factors. There’s greed and desire and fear and love and compassion and mindfulness, and they’re all playing themselves out in this vast sphere of empty awareness.

“For me, its completely fascinating to see in this mind both the potential for huge suffering and the potential for enlightenment, awakening, and all kinds of happiness. And to see that this is one’s own life. It’s one’s own mind!”

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