9 Jan
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For Your Reflection

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my fascination with the idea from Phillip Moffitt’s e-Teaching on The Search for Meaning  that we might be co-creating the meaning of life.

He goes on to discuss the role of doubt:

Each of us has a small or large voice inside that says there is no meaning. It’s there in all of us. You don’t need to get that voice to go away; instead, bring it into consciousness. Say to yourself, ‘This is me not believing that anything matters, but that’s just thoughts. Not believing anything matters and there’s no meaning…feels like this.’

Explore beliefs and trust that however you’re leaning, it doesn’t have to change your behavior. Not only can you tolerate your sense of what’s true for you, you know that it may change. It gives your ego the chance to look at itself and not be afraid.”

Phillip ends with this terrific list of questions which I offer for your reflection:

Do you know what you believe?

Do you believe there’s meaning or do you doubt it? Or, do you believe we’re co-inventing it as we go?

Is your behavior aligned with what you believe?

(image: Kiawah Island beach at sunset, New Year’s Eve)

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