22 Jul
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You Don’t Get Over Anything…


…But You Can Get Through It.

I feel compelled to share yet another wonderful talk by Ajahn Sucitto, this one outlining the fundamental needs of the heart (citta) that allows us to process — rather than deny — the pain and suffering that keeps us trapped.

These needs are:
* Safety — which can be accessed by being grounded in the body
* Harmony — which comes from a relaxed relationship with the body
* Offering — the sense of enrichment that comes from pouring ourselves into something greater
* Pleasure — the feeling of warmth that comes from being fully met

He talks about the two practices, which when cultivated in tandem, meet these needs of the heart:
* Enjoyment through Mindfulness of Breathing
* Cultivation of the Brahma Vihara practices (Loving Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy, Equanimity)

And he talks about the negative patterns of mind, which can be listened to and learned from:
* Desire to Have — a tendency to grasp, which can be transformed into the ability to know and to sense
* Desire to Perform — the need to get good results, which can be acknowledged and allowed to relax
* Sense of Obligation — an overly active work ethic, which can be transformed into loyalty


I know I’m always saying it, but this is a truly beautiful talk. Click here to listen. (45 min)

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