3 Aug
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Whatever You Do

multibuddhaIn preparation for the next “Let’s Talk Dharma” session, which will be on Right Livelihood, I’ve asked those attending to do a little pre-discussion “homework.” Not everyone can come to the group of course, but everyone could benefit from doing the homework! So here it is:

Listen to Jack Kornfield’s talk, “Labor of Love– Right Livelihood”. (57 min) At about 10 minutes before the end of the recording, Jack says: “Let’s sit for a moment,” and it seems like that’s the end…but KEEP LISTENING.

After a minute or so of silence, Jack offers a beautiful, guided reflection:

“Let yourself picture the work that you do…whatever kind of work…even if you’re so-called ‘retired’…picture the way you spend your time. And imagine if where you do that work were really a temple, and your actions were to embody the sacred–that which is holy–in the work you do. How might that be? Or even if you already do it in that way, what might make that really flower?”


(Sweet, no?)

After that….keep ON listening…to hear Jack lead the group in some really gorgeous chanting — which you can join in with! And after THAT….at the very, VERY end of the recording, Jack offers this blessing:

“May whatever you do be the practice of your heart. And wherever you are be the place of love and awakening.”

(You wouldn’t want to miss that.)

Click here to listen.

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