26 Feb
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What I Brought Back

The experience of just being there was the most precious thing I brought back with me from Burma, but of course, I wanted to bring something physical back home with me too. Not exactly to hold onto the experience….but to help me remember and reflect on it.

Here’s what I wanted to bring home.










And this, too. But of course I have nowhere to put either of these. I didn’t even ask how much they cost…or what it would have take to have them shipped home!









Instead, I opted for this little beauty. (Which I could slip into my carry-on bag.) I love the sweet smile. And the somewhat androgynous features of his/her face.









Here s/he is on the coffee table in my living room, with candles lit for the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha.










And here’s the whole room. Might be a nice place for a sit, don’t you think?










I brought a few other things back with me, too. More on that tomorrow.


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