6 Mar
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We Made the News!

The Spirit Rock e-newsletter just came out and they’ve got an article about the St. Louis KM groups! And not only that, they’ve also got a link to our Dharma Town website….which they call “visually stunning.” How cool is that!!!

The article begins,”The Buddha considered sangha to be vitally important. Joining a group of fellow practitioners can support and inspire your practice. The Kalyana Mitta [KM] network is a collection of practice groups throughout the country that bring together members of the Dharma community to study and share practice experiences in a friendly and supportive environment.”

Which is exactly what I had in mind when we started forming these groups. If you’re interested in participating, send me an email or check us out here.

As I said in the article, “For me, the outpouring of interest and active participation in these groups has been a tremendous source of joy, confidence and inspiration. Not only have I found a wonderful new group of like-minded friends, but I feel deeply immersed in the Dharma, and more committed than ever to my life as a practice. At long last, I’ve found my Dharma Home.”

It’s true.

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