27 Mar
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Wake Up!

I was in kind of a fog today and just couldn’t think of what I wanted to post. So I stood in front of my bookshelf for a while until I found myself picking up one of the books, then I just sort of let it fall open….to see if something might present itself.

The book turned out to be Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings, by Pema Chodron

Here’s the page it opened up to:
#20: “All activities should be done with one intention.”

Breathing in, breathing out, feeling resentful, feeling happy, being able to drop it, not being able to drop it, eating our food, brushing our teeth, walking, sitting–whatever we’re doing could be done with one intention. That intention is that we want to wake up, we want to ripen our compassion, we want to ripen our ability to let go, we want to realize our connection with all beings. Everything in our lives has the potential to wake us up or to put us to sleep. Allowing it to awaken us is up to us.


I post this today with the intention to wake up!

May it be so.

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