6 Jul
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This Makes Me Happy

This is a photo of the craziest coffee maker I’ve ever seen…which appeared one day in the window of one of the shops in Castiglion Fiorentino. I love this little shop, although I never went in — partly because it seemed to be closed most of the time, but also because what need did I have to go in? I was already happy just looking at the window!

Here’s a quote that also make me happy, from The Italians, by Luigi Barzini:

“The Italians know that everything in their country is..imbued with their spirit. They know that there is no need, really, to distinguish or to choose between the smile on the face of a cameriere (waiter) or Donatello’s San Giorgio..They are all works of art, the Great Art of Being Happy and of making other people happy, an art which embraces and inspires all others in Italy, the only art worth learning, but which can never be really mastered, the art of inhabiting the earth.”

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