21 Dec
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The Gravity of Our Lives

The retreat was great and I have a lot I’d like to share from it, but I haven’t quite gotten through my emails and other must-dos just yet, so for today let me post this poem, written by one of our sangha members:

Our Little Differences
by Dave Wilson

We all want the same thing — well not exactly, not precisely — and surely not in the same way.

But against the face of all there is and isn’t, our little differences have no say, hold no sway.

So often it’s easy to miss just how much there is, especially when there is so much made of so little.

So little looks so much until the same thing is no longer the same, and you can’t tell the ends from the middle.

It’s the gravity of our lives that weigh us down, pulling us away from each other, daring us to run away from its weight.

It seems so heavy around the moment, but in the moment, there is no pull — gravity wanes and forgets itself — if only we sit and wait. 

Let’s give in to the ends and their ends
And try turning every way the middle bends. 


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