6 Jan
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Something Will Happen

OK, well my plan was to fly from St. Louis to Chicago tomorrow at 8:20 am, to catch the 11:40 am flight to Seoul, where I was to meet my traveling buddy and then we were going to fly together to Yangon for a month of pilgrimage and practice in Burma. But a major snow storm came through yesterday and this morning I found out that my flight to Chicago has been CANCELLED.

Uh oh.

I had thought that my biggest problem was going to be shoveling a little path from my front door to the street and then keeping from freezing in the sub-zero weather while running out to the taxi without boots/parka/gloves/etc, which I will not need…as it will be 90 degrees where I’m going!

But now things have gotten a lot more complicated.

This reminds me of the story Sharon Salzberg tells about going to the airport to pick up a very famous Tibetan Lama, who was coming to teach a big, sold-out retreat in the US, and then finding that all the flights had been cancelled because a volcano somewhere had erupted and no planes were going to be able to fly anywhere — for several days! She said that she stared to freak out…but then thought that she might as well just relax because: Something will happen.

And so it did. The Lama never made it to the US, but somehow somebody managed to fix up a video feed…and he was able to lead the retreat from the airport!


Update: The airline says there’s no way for me to make my connection to Seoul tomorrow, so my flights have all been rebooked…but the earliest I can leave is Thursday! So now instead of meeting up with my travel buddy in Seoul and arriving together in Yangon on Wednesday, I will be arriving in Yangon at 10:30 Friday night–by myself! But at least I was able to call her and let her know about the change of plans. And the group will be staying in Yangon until Sunday, so I’ll still be able to catch up with them and go on from there. Whew.     

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