1 Nov
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Sit. Walk. Laundry.

At the retreat, I spent a lot of time sitting on the cushion. And walking in the hall. And working in the laundry room!

Everyone gets a “yogi job,” and mine has almost always been chopping veggies or washing lettuce, which is normally something that’s done during the hour after breakfast. But this time my job was “kitchen laundry,” which meant that every morning, I had to take a trolley of about 2 loads of dish towels and wash cloths and aprons down to the basement in the building next to the kitchen, shake out the crumbs, and put the laundry into the washing machines. Then sweep up the crumbs, then bring the trolley back up the stairs and into the kitchen.

And then an hour later, I had to go back down and take the laundry out of the washers and put it into the dryers.

Then another hour later, back down to take everything out of the dryers and fold it all. Then take one load back up the stairs, into the kitchen, and put everything away where it belonged. Then back downstairs to get the second load. Then back to the kitchen. Then back to the laundry room to put the empty basket away.

And then do it all again the next day. Mindfully, of course.

For 43 days.

(Definitely advanced practice.)

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