24 Apr
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Off I Go Again

Rebecca Bradshaw is in town today to lead a weekend retreat, which starts this evening, so I’ll be sitting and walking tomorrow, but not posting.

A friend wrote to me the other day and said that I must be “very Zen” after all these retreats. By which I’m pretty sure she meant that I must be very relaxed, calm and peaceful (hopefully not very odd and frustratingly inscrutable!).

The truth is that I do feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful….at least some of the time. But even more than that, I think the result of all these retreats is that I’m more able to act from conscious intention….instead of automatically reacting based on old wounds or force of habit….and as a result of that, I’m kinder, more patient, less caught up in the daily drama of things when they’re not going the way that I want them to.

Which means that basically….I’m happier! (Not a bad reason to go on retreat.)

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