4 Aug
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Of the Though, Of the Thought, Of the Thought


Cat Trauma Update:
I had a visit today from the House-Call Vet and am MUCH relieved. The vet said that most calico cats tend to be bullies and that yes, my calico (Stella) is acting true to form…but that the situation is salvageable. She said I’m doing the right thing by separating them, that the process will take time, that ultimately I’ll need to make some 
adjustments in terms of extra feeding stations and litter boxes in different parts of the house, but that everything points to a successful and harmonious outcome. (Probably not until the end of the year. But OK, I’m good with that.)

She also said I could call, text, or email her any time. That she would help guide me through the eventual re-introduction (which should not happen until after I get back from the end-of-August retreat, at the earliest). And that she’d be available to work with my house sitter, if needed, while I’m gone. So WHEW!

FYI: If anybody needs a vet that will come to your house, give her a call!
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