9 Dec
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Now It Gets Physical

OK. So this morning I went to the County Health Clinic to get a Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis shot and the Typhoid vaccine (in 4-capsule form, which needs to be kept in the refrigerator, and which I need to take every-other day, on an empty stomach, with a glass of water at room temperature…beginning today so the dosage will be finished 2 weeks before I start taking the anti-malaria pills…which need to be started 2 days before I depart, then every day while I’m gone, and then continuing on for another 7 days after I return.) I would have also needed to get the Hepatitis A vaccine, except that (thankfully) I’ve already gotten that 2-dose series in 2005 (and which, again thankfully, is good forever.) I would also have had to get the Hepatitis B vaccine, except that I don’t plan to go anywhere near contaminated needles, razors, medical/dental/tattooing or body piercing devises, or to have unprotected sex while I’m gone. (Or while I’m here, for that matter!) Oh yes, and while I was at it, they recommended that I get a flu shot.

Then later in the week I’ll go to my regular doctor for some serious antibiotic meds (Cipro, most likely) and then off to Target to get the suggested BASIC first aid kit, which includes: Motrin, Benedryl, Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, insect repellent with 30% DEET, sunscreen, antibacterial wipes, calamine lotion, anti-fungal cream, hydrocortisone cream, cough drops, lip balm, moleskin….and bandaids.

(Better safe than sorry.)

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