10 May
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Mudita Haiku

At the retreat, Pascal Auclair gave a wonderful talk on Mudita, which I understand to mean the way we share in and feel uplifted by the joy of others. He talked about how energy flows from one person to another, and how this quality of gladness…as well as compassion, goodwill and balanced attention….are always welcome.

After the talk, we each wrote a mudita haiku. Here’s mine:

They kiss and kiss.
I relax and smile.
Envy has left the building.


  • Lovely haiku…thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying your blog entries..not too short, not too long..just right! …and so much more enjoyable to hear about your experiences in all parts of your life (cats, money, dharma talks)…than to read a ‘set of instructions’…way to go!!! and again..thanks for sharing. I think I will STOP and write a haiku 🙂

  • Hey thanks, Mike! And thanks, especially, for commenting. It’s great to know the blog is being read.