4 Mar
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Mindful Reading

My teacher, Mirabai Bush, has an article in the April issue of the new Mindful magazine. She writes about Mindful Reading, Mindful Writing (including Mindful Emailing), Mindful Listening and more. Here’s a sample:

Mindful reading is radically different. It slows down the reader and the reading–that alone changes the experience. It is a process of quiet reflection that requires mindful attentiveness, letting go of distracting thoughts and opinions to be fully in the moment with the text. It moves the reader into a calm awareness, allowing for a more powerful experience and understanding…

Savoring a Resonant Phrase
Sit quietly, and then read a short piece, perhaps a page long. What phrase stands out for you? Return to that phrase and repeat it to yourself, perhaps several times. Just sit with it. What does it evoke? Notice what images or ideas or memories arise. Do any of the words have meaning beyond the obvious? What meaning does this phrase give to the rest of what you’re reading? Hold the phrase in your mind, giving it time to suggest more to you. Now re-read the full piece. How is it different? Has your relationship to it changed?


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