9 Apr
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Here’s another of the DPP homework assignments for this month, focusing on anatta (the Buddhist teaching of “not-self.”)

Make a list of the various identities you catch yourself assuming in the course of a day, both the identities you assume in dealing with other people, and the identities you assume in your internal conversations. (Who is talking to whom in your mind?) Try to notice which events cause you to switch from one identity to another.

OK. Here goes:

The Very Dedicated Buddhist Practitioner.

The Woman of a Certain Age.

The Enthusiastic Student of All Things Italian.

The Creative Person, with a Strong Sense of Graphic Design.

The Couch Potato.


The Account Executive.

The Vegetarian.

The Writer of Many E-Mails.

The Outrageous Auntie.

The Expert.

The Critic.

The Responsible One.

The Traveler.

The Grammarian.

The Collector of Tarot Cards.

I could go on and on. But I think the most interesting part of this assignment is noticing what brings any one of these “beings” into being, and what makes them stay or go away.

(image: Steampunk Tarot by Curly Cue Design)

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