17 Jun
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Look What I Found

I took a chance today.

I’ve been thinking about trying to find a qigong class for some time, but kept putting it off while I was still in St. Louis. I’m not sure why, although I think it might’ve had to do with the fact that I’ve been disappointed in the t’ai chi classes I’ve tried. (They were all so serious!)

So I thought, hey, here I am in a new place. With plenty of time. Nowhere to go. Not much to do. I could give it a try! So I did.

And I found a great class where they do something called Five Animal Play (Wuqinxi), which is a very pleasant set of exercises “utilizing deep, smooth breathing matched to movements that mimic the crane, bear, money, deer and tiger. The aim is to enhance the flow of qi (life energy); harmonize the five phases of change (fire, water, earth, wood and metal); strengthen the internal organs, nerves, muscles and bones; prevent and cure diseases; improve the health and vitality of the body, mind and sprit; and prolong life.”

Can’t argue with that.

And besides, it’s fun!


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