11 Jul
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Just Stay on the Path

More from Dancing with Life, by Phillip Moffitt:

If you continue to practice, the day will come when you realize that the only way life makes any sense with its endless changing cycle of gain and loss, pain and pleasure, is to view it as practice.

Treating the Eightfold Path as integral practice transforms your everyday life….Skillful living becomes your measure of success, instead of how often you get what you want. 

“This is a much better way to view your life! You are more relaxed, flexible, and you even experience more enjoyment. Some of your worldly goals will fall away or diminish in importance, but many will remain, although they are constantly changing. 

“The radical difference is that your inner attitude shifts and how you manifest moment by moment as you go about attaining your worldly goals is dramatically different. Your experience of life itself is changed.”

(image from: Kitty Kahane Tarot)

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