26 Sep
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Just Beginning or Beginning Again

I had a friend ask me yesterday to recommend a good, basic talk on meditation and I couldn’t come up with just one, but I did find a separate page on Dharma Seed, under the title Introduction to Meditation, with four introductory talks by four terrific teachers. How cool!

And then I thought it would be a good idea to have these talks “at the ready” — not only for the next time someone is interested in beginning meditation, but also for all those times when the practice seems to get kind of “stale” or I get confused or (even more likely) I find myself thinking that I already know it all. (A major red flag!)

Here are the talks:

(1) Introduction to Meditation Practice, by Steve Armstrong

(2) What Changes Us in Spiritual Life, by Jack Kornfield
“The long and winding road and how the unexpected offers profound teachings.”

(3) Thoughts on Practice and Why We Do It, by Pascal Auclair

(4) Introduction to Meditation, by Thanissara
“A cultivated mind: a cause for happiness. Samadhi: a gathered mind. Entry into the first foundation of mindfulness.”

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