22 Dec
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It’s Like This

At the retreat I just returned from, the focus was on turning our attention from whatever thoughts/sensations/emotions we are experiencing and noticing, instead, the presence of awareness itself. We were given a handout with quotes from various teachers on the nature of awareness and were encouraged to continue our practice at home by taking one of these quotes each day and reflecting on them.

Here’s the quote I’m using today, from Intuitive Awareness, by Ajahn Sumedho:


Awareness is your refuge:
Awareness of the changingness of feelings,
of attitudes, of moods, of material change
and emotional change.
Stay with that, because it’s a refuge that is

It’s not something that changes.

It’s a refuge that you can trust in.

This refuge is not something that you create.
It’s not a creation. It’s not an ideal.
It’s very practical and very simple, but
easily overlooked or not noticed.

When you’re mindful,
you’re beginning to notice:

It’s like this. 


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