14 Sep
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It’s All About…..

At Sunday Sangha, I talked about being in the middle of “The Movie of Me” (that mental narration about me and my response to whatever’s going on around me that seems to run endlessly in my head…I don’t like this…I don’t like that…I wish I had…I used to have…why don’t I have…how can I get…how can I get out of…etc etc etc etc).

The idea of that stream of thought being a movie came from something Phillip Moffitt wrote about in Dancing with Life. He suggests challenging the ego’s desire to always be in charge by: Giving Up Being the Star of Your Own Movie. 

“The unfolding of events that make up your life is like a movie, is it not? And you interpret every scene or event from the vantage point of being the star of your movie–is it good or bad for you, do you like it or not, and so on. Once you renounce being the star of your own movie, you begin to see the unfolding of each scene and the movie as a whole from multiple perspectives. You don’t forsake your role in the movie, but once you cease making it be all about you, the movie creates less anxiety and you are more able to live from your core values.”

Excellent suggestion.

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