19 Feb
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Favorite Things

I’m feeling the need for a little Maira Kalman today. This illustration is from My Favorite Things, a book based on the exhibit she curated at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York.

“Like a shopper in some great, mad department store that housed centuries’ worth of objects, I browsed and inspected their archives for a year or so,” she writes. “The pieces that I chose were based on one thing only — a gasp of delight….

“Photographs of dancers. And of dandies. And dogs. Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch. Naps. Breaths. Trees. Ingo Maurer’s lamp. Buttons. Lists. These are some of my Favorite Things. Book. Fish. Suit. Time. Mother. Father. Life.

“Everything is a part of Everything. We Live, We Blunder. LOVE UNITES US.”

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