6 Jun
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All Conditioned Things

“All conditioned things are impermanent.
Their nature is to arise and pass away.
To be in harmony with this truth
Brings true happiness.”

My cat Ruby is dying. She’s about 15 years old and has been losing weight dramatically. She used to be…well…Rubenesque, but then all of a sudden (it seemed) she was looking rather svelte. But she kept losing weight and now she’s way past the super model stage.

Yesterday, when I came home from work, I could see that Ruby had been sick all over the house. I found her hiding where she always goes when she wants to be invisible. I thought she was dead. But then she opened her eyes. And she came out. She walked around. She went to the water bowl and looked at it for a while. She didn’t drink. But she didn’t seem to be in any pain or distress.

It was Metta night, so I went to sit with the group. (Which is a wonderful thing to do in circumstances like these, by the way. Thank you to all who were there.)

I was afraid that I’d come home from the group to find her dead. She had hidden herself again, but she was alive. She came out then….even went all the way downstairs, jumped up on the couch, and sat in my lap!

So it’s not over yet.

But it’s close.

What is there to do, but to say metta phrases for Ruby: May you feel safe and protected. May you be peaceful. May you be comfortable. May you live..and die…with ease. And for myself as well: May I feel safe and protected. May I be peaceful. May I be strong. May I, too, live…and die…with ease.  

(image: “Outsider Art,” Untitled, by Dwight Mackintosh)


  • Jan;
    I’ve been sitting with you and feeling with you, May we live and die with ease. Blessing on the life Ruby shared with you, is still sharing with you. (if she is) It’s not over yet. .
    sending you love,

    • Thank you, Janet. Ruby ate some food last night and didn’t throw up, so I think the immediate crisis has passed. She’s still near the end of her life, but it may not be as soon as I had expected. Or it might. Either way, I really appreciate your caring attention. It helps a lot.

  • Jan, my heart goes out to you. Our little companions get so deeply in enmeshed in our hearts…

    • Thank you, Jill. Four-legged love is love none the less. Loss is hard. It definitely helps to have the support of two-legged friends.