30 Oct
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A Good Way to Come Home

Besides laundry and e-mails and taking care of Elvis, one of the first things I did when I came home from retreat was to go out and find gifts to give…to my teachers Lila and Mirabai who put me up in their homes before and after the retreat, to my sister Gretchen for taking care of Elvis while I was gone, to my brothers Wayne and Matt and my nephew Ryan whose birthdays came and went while I was away, to my friend Michael who got married on the weekend I got back…and probably others who I have yet to think of, who are in need of a gift from me.

I didn’t plan for it, but it has turned out to be a tremendous comfort in dealing with the sense of loss and grief I was feeling as Elvis was dying and a wonderful way to come back home to the “real” world of relationships and responsibilities after being gone for so long on a deep, inner journey.

Turning my attention to finding these gifts….thinking of just the right thing to give, wrapping them in a way that would be the most pleasing and imagining them being opened and the delight they will give…has been a great source of joy for me.

I will make a note of this.

The best way to come home is with a generous heart.

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