19 Oct
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What We See When We See

Yesterday morning I was startled to see a sparkle of light on the wall in a corner of my dining room. (So I took this photo.)

It made me think of a story Carol Wilson used to tell about one time when she was visiting the nuns in Burma, all the photos she took of them had circles of light around their heads and shoulders. When she showed the pictures to the nuns, they were delighted because they recognized the spots of light as devas (basically, the Buddhist equivalent of angels).

Of course, Carol’s American companion said it was just the sun refracting off the lenses in the camera.

I like the nun’s version better.

How wonderful it must be to see every sparkle of light as the manifestation of heavenly beings.

Yesterday I could see right away that the lights on the wall in my dining room corner were reflections of the sun off the little mirrors on my Buddha statue on the opposite wall. (see photo below)

Still, light is pretty amazing. It’s both a wave AND a particle…so who knows, maybe it’s also a deva!

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