22 Feb
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What to Pack

what-to-wearI am now in serious getting-ready-to-go-on-retreat mode. I leave this Saturday for a month-long retreat at Spirit Rock. Mostly, a month-long retreat is just like a week-long retreat…except, of course, longer. But there are a few “special features.” One of which is the issue of laundry.

Here’s what Spirit Rock has to say: “The month long retreats are the ONLY retreats that we are able to do laundry for the participants. Clothing, socks, and underwear are washed one week. Personal sheets, towels, socks, and underwear the alternate week. It is important to bring enough clothes for 2 weeks. You can do your own hand washing outside of this schedule. We have drying racks outside on each floor of each dorm. BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: Label all your clothing with an indelible marker, or tag, that will not come off in the laundry cycle. You can  bring a small mesh bag labeled with your name for your undergarments. Washing of personal items will NOT be done the last week of the retreat.”

Here’s what I know from personal experience: Don’t bring anything that’s your “favorite” — or that can’t be washed by you personally in a tiny little sink — because they’re doing laundry for 100 people every week and stuff gets messed up. Also, don’t think they’re kidding about putting your name on your clothes. (You definitely won’t be the only one wearing black yoga pants.)  And lastly, don’t be surprised if it takes a few days to get some of your stuff back…even with your name on it. Those mesh bags of undies look a lot more alike than you’d think!

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