21 Jan
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What a Wonderful World!

cat-snowed-inSomeone — I don’t know who — shoveled my sidewalk.

And not only my sidewalk, but the steps from my house to the sidewalk–two sets–and then a path from the sidewalk to the street where I park my car, plus a little pathway AROUND my car, so I could get into it without getting my shoes and socks full of snow!

I have no idea who it was. I don’t even know when they did it.

My usual way of dealing with snow is to stay inside and wait till it melts. Which I did yesterday until about dinnertime, when I just couldn’t face the left-overs I had in the frig, so I put on my coat and went out to see how bad the streets were. (I live in the city and they don’t plow the snow.)

And lo and behold…..my steps, my sidewalk, and all around my car was shoveled clean and clear.

I was so happy I wanted to run out and kiss whoever had done it. Or at least shake their hand. Or bow to them, or something. But nobody was around. Nobody. I thought about going up and down the street, knocking on everyone’s door, asking if they had done it and saying how wonderful it was. But then I thought that might freak somebody out, since I don’t even know everyone on my block. So I settled for sending texts to the neighbors I knew. (None of them said they had done it!)

So I just want to say: I am thrilled to be living in such a wonderful world where people sometimes do stuff like that.

And I have resolved to do stuff like that too.


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