19 May
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What a Life

I was thinking about the life I have found myself in — this quite pleasant life that seems to revolve more and more around studying and practicing and sharing the Dharma — but I couldn’t quite think of what, exactly, I wanted to say about it, so I decided to go for a little random inspiration by opening one of my (many) dharma books…in this case Teaching of the Buddha, edited by Jack Kornfield…and here’s what popped out:

“….Whatever people do, whether they remain in the world as artists, merchants, or officers of the king, or retire from the world and devote themselves to a life of religions mediation, let them put their whole heart into their task; let them be diligent and energetic.

“And if, like the lotus flower, which grows out of muddy water but remains untouched by the mud, they engage in life without cherishing envy or hatred, and if they live in the world not a life of self but a life of truth, then surely joy, peace and bliss will dwell in their minds.”

–from the Buddhacarita, translated by Samuel Beal


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