7 Mar
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We’re in the Chapel!

Dharma Friends Sitting Group met for the first time last night at the First Unitarian Church on Waterman at Kingshighway in the Central West End. I thought we’d be in a small conference room upstairs, but instead the church had reserved their large, open, modernist Hope Chapel for us!





At first I was concerned about the space because the group has been quite small. But there was a little alter along the wall near one corner (with a candle and a tiny singing bowl!) so I arranged a few chairs in a circle and hoped we wouldn’t feel swamped by the room. Then people started coming and I had to add more chairs!





It’s hard to see from these photos, but there’s a lovely garden area just beyond this wall of glass doors that I expect will be delightful once Daylight Savings Time begins. And because the room is so large, we could add walking meditation, if we want. We might even be able to schedule a whole day of sitting-and-walking meditation, at some time in the future.

Stay tuned!

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