12 Dec
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We’re Getting Closer

Last night Tempel hosted a conference call for our little band of Pilgrims to Burma and prior to the call, he sent a couple of maps — including this one — showing the part of Yangon that we’ll be staying in.

Our hotel is the Rainbow Hotel (marked with an X). Tempel said it’s a block off the main road (so it will be quieter than some of the other, more well-know hotels), yet near enough to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda that we will be able to walk.

He said that we’ll all go to the Pagoda together at first, but that later we’ll be able to go back in smaller groups of two or three — even on our own, if we feel like it — to see the sunrise over the gold dome, or be there at sunset, or do some walking mediation, or maybe get caught up in one of the many ceremonies or devotional rituals being performed there pretty much all the time.

He talked about the how friendly and generous the people are. How delighted they will be to see Westerners paying respect to this holy site. How they will want to practice speaking English with us (but they won’t beg or try to sell us anything). And how safe it will be, even for women out walking alone late at night.

So now I’m feeling much more peaceful about this upcoming adventure.

Plus….Tempel has learned that the monastery will make it possible for us to stay on and practice — even if we only have a Tourist visa!

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