7 Apr
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This is What It Means to Meditate

Today I offer for your pleasure, another quote from one of Ajahn Sucitto‘s talks, this one titled Refuge and Presencewhich I’ve been listening to in preparation for sitting a retreat he will lead at IMS (Insight Meditation Society) starting next Sunday. The quote comes about 9 minutes before the end of the talk, which you can listen to by clicking here.

To meditate means to stay with something and drink it in. To stay with something and take it in. Take in the deep meanings, take in the feeling, take in the experience.


Meditation means to enjoy.

To stay with something and experience the enjoyment of it. The fullness of it.

This is what it means to meditate. 


(photo from The Daily Soup Cookbook, by Carla Ruben and Peter Siegel with Robin Vitetta-Miller)

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