7 Jan
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That Which Knows Desire is Not Desire

Another selection from the quotes given to us at the Exploring the Nature of Awareness retreat:

“As mindfulness strengthens, the ability to contemplate desire becomes more continual. That which knows desire is not desire. As is taught by the masters of the Forest School, it is important to see the difference between mind and the activity of mind. 

“Desire is an activity of mind. Mind itself has a ‘knowing nature.’ This knowing, which is the opposite of ignorance, is called vijja. Vijja is the innate intelligence of awareness. Ajahn Chah taught ‘being the knowing’ as an immediate way of connecting to our deeper nature. ‘Being the knowing’ is accessed through contemplation and inner listening. We often miss it because we look too far. Instead, relax into the immediate sense of your innate, aware presence, here and now. 

“Pure knowing is completely immune to desire. To be grounded in presence is to move from the ever-turning circumference to the still center. The idea of an aware center is just an analogy, as awareness has no center. It has no location or spacial designation.”

— from Listening to the Heart, Thanissara and Kittisaro

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