1 Aug
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Taking Refuge

A friend is coming to visit me for a few days, so I won’t be posting again until Wednesday. To carry you over the long weekend, I offer this reflection from Module One, Lesson Two of the excellent online dharma course I wrote about on Monday.

Where do you put your trust?

“The Pail term, saddha, means confidence, supported by understanding, which further deepens faith and trust. Where do we put our trust?

Notice where the heart goes for comfort and peace. We might notice that we seek refuge in escape, going to sleep and not feeling anything, or we might find a refuge in pleasing distractions. Sometimes we might notice that we have a lot of faith in our thinking mind. For example, we take refuge in trying to figure it all out, or we find solace in negativity or worry.

We all have faith or trust. The question is whether that faith is misplaced or skillfully placed.


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