23 May
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Show, Don’t Tell

how-to-tell-youI’m back from the weekend retreat led by Anushka Fernandopulle and I’ve been thinking all morning about how to tell you about it….and all I can think of is: there’s nothing I can say that will give you a sense of how sweet it was, how much deeper and more meaningful it was than I had expected it to be (it was “just” a “little” weekend, non-residential retreat after all, and I’m a “very experienced” meditator — right? — so really, how “good” could it be.)

Well, it was great.

But how do I explain to you what I mean by “great”…how do I convey what it’s like to sit and get quiet — even for a weekend — and listen to someone who speaks from very deep personal experience (and who uses very clear, practical, everyday language) about how to learn to live in the world in a radically beautiful, simple, and profoundly peaceful “new” way (which the Buddha outlined 2600 years ago).


Maybe I should just let Anushka do the talking. Click here to watch a video of her speaking at Seattle Insight Center. The title of her talk is “13 Ways of Looking at Dharma Practice.” It won’t be quite like sitting with her for the weekend.

But maybe it will give you a taste.


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