8 Aug
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Read, Reflect, Respond, Rest. Then Review.

I got an email from Thanissara, in which she welcomes everyone who is taking the Dharmagiri On-line Study-Practice Course and suggests that we all begin by becoming familiar with a method of Contemplative Reading, called Lectio Divina, taken from the Christian tradition.

The method involves 4 separate readings of the text in question. (In the first lesson of the course, we are asked to read/contemplate the Simile of the Mountain, SN 3:25; I 100-102.)

Here’s how the practice is done:

(1) After the first reading, ask yourself this question: What word or phrase strikes me now? Write it down. Now look at what you’ve written and notice any thoughts, memories,emotions, etc. that arise.

(2) After the second reading, complete this sentence: This passage invites me to… Now look at what you’ve written and, again, notice any feelings, doubts, opinions, etc.

(3) After the third reading, complete this sentence: As a result of this reading, I am going to…. Look at what you’ve written and ask Can I do this? Do I really want to do this? Is is realistic? Notice how you feel.

(4) After the fourth reading,…Rest. Let the words settle and if it feels right, end the session with a bow or chant.

Before reading/contemplating the next text, Review the entry from the session before and see if you can notice any effect this has had in your life.

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