16 Feb
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Pay Attention, Don’t Cling, Be Kind

The Buddha famously said, “I teach one thing and one thing only: Suffering and the end of suffering.” Which sounds like 2 things, but still.

In a recent talk given at the month-long retreat currently being held at Spirit Rock (where participants listen to a dharma talk every single night), Sally Armstrong opened the evening’s session — somewhat apologetically — by saying that really, every dharma talk any of the teachers ever give are all really just variations on the same 3 instructions:

(1) Pay Attention
(2) Don’t Cling
(3) Be Kind

Having listened to thousands of dharma talks over many years….I’d have to agree. But oh how hard it is, just to do those 3 simple things!

Which is why it’s good to keep listening to the talks.

So here are some excellent ones to get you started, all given during this month’s retreat at Spirit Rock:

Finding True Happiness, by Greg Scharf
Extraordinary Seeing: Simplicity, Honesty and Mindfulness, by Carol Wilson
Mindfulness Includes Everything: Including Star Showers, by Sally Armstrong

Easy as 1-2-3!


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