11 May
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Money Blind

“We are all blind in some way about money, and we keep ourselves blind.” The Soul of Money, by Lynn Twist & Teresa Barker

One of the intentions I have made after attending the retreat, is to open my eyes to my relationship with money.

The first thing I decided to do — no surprise — was to buy something. I bought The Soul of Money ($14.99), which Diana Winston recommended in her very inspiring talk about how she got clarity, and freedom, by looking deeply into her own very complex money relationships.

Then — what else — I bought an app: the Ace Budget 2 ($.99), which is making it easy for me to keep track of every single cent I spend….where, when, with whom, on what, and how much.

And then I put a dollar bill next to the buddha where I meditate, along with the stones and feathers and shells I’ve brought back from other retreats. This is to remind me of my intention and helps me renew it every morning and evening.

I’m not sure where this investigation will take me. But I’m pretty sure it will be enlightening.

From the book: “What became clear was that when people were able to align their money with their deepest, most soulful interests and commitments, their relationship with money because a place where profound and lasting transformation could occur. Their money — no matter what the amount — become the conduit for this change.”

Stay tuned.

(Image: Steampunk Tarot)



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