18 Jan
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May I Offer….

may-i-offerIn honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and as a follow-up to yesterday’s “Box Retreat” on the theme of Equanimity, I want to offer these phrases for your reflection and for use in your practice.

Some of these phrases are direct quotes from Rev. Howard Thurman, who deeply influenced Dr. King. Some are inspired by him. Some are more traditional meditation phrases used in Equanimity Practice, similar to the phrases offered by Sharon Salzberg at yesterday’s retreat.

All were taken from a guided meditation led by Lila Kate Wheeler, one of my mentors. To listen to the talk, click here. (16 minutes)

Pick one (or more), sit quietly and let it drop into your mind — like a pebble into a pond — then just breathe:

* May I see the world with quiet eyes.

* May I offer my care and presence without conditions, knowing I may be met with gratitude, anger, or indifference.

* May I find the inner resources to truly be able to give.

* May I offer love, knowing I can’t control the course of life, suffering, or death.

* May I remain in peace and let go of expectations.

* May I offer my efforts and help, knowing it may be of great benefit, some benefit, or maybe even no benefit.

* May I be free from prejudice. 

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