11 Feb
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We did a lot of Compassion practice at the Dharmagiri retreat, which included sending blessings to all beings (especially the wild animals in the area–including the snakes, of which there were many!) and reciting the name of Kuan Yin Bodhisatva (who is the personification of that which listens–and responds–to the cries of the world). We also took part in a Great Compassion Renewal Ceremony in which we did quite a lot of bowing and declared our intention to aspire to a lot of lovely things including, “I will cross all living beings over the sea of suffering.” Which I took to mean that I will cultivate an attitude of compassion for everyone and everything.

Which I am working on.

So with that as my intention…I have adopted 2 cats from our local shelter. Stella and Izzy. They are both about a year old and have lived their whole life at the shelter. Until now!

I’d post photos, but they’re adjusting right now by hiding under the bed and behind the bookcase. (Izzy looks kind of like the cat shown here but with white legs and belly, and Stella is mostly white with black and tan spots.)

Stay tuned. I expect them to be ready for the camera in a could of days.

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