14 May
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The Flow of Money

I finished The Soul of Money¬†over the weekend. I couldn’t put it down. And then this morning I picked it up again…thinking I’d post a few quotes…and I realized I’ve highlighted just about the whole book!

Here are a few from a section titled, Know the Flow: Truth Telling About Where The Money Goes.

“Are you consciously allocating where you want your money to go?”

“If you want a clear picture of your priorities in life, who you are and what you care about, look at your checkbook, your credit card bills, and bank statement.”

“The way money flows to you and through you to other purposes isn’t unrelated to your life.”

“An unhealthy relationship with the way you acquire money is something that can suppress your life.”

“Knowing the flow is an examination without blame…..Without a judgment of good or bad, when you know the flow, it gives you the necessary self-knowledge to make conscious choices that align your spending with your vision of yourself and your highest commitments.”

“We can consciously put money in the hands of projects, programs, companies, and vendors we respect and trust, and even approach paying taxes as a way of expressing our commitment and investment as a citizen.”

“It takes courage to direct the flow, but with each choice, we invest in the world as we envision it.”

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  • Really enjoying your blog Jan!

    Just finished two books- not Buddhist but have spiritual a slant, both by Geneen Roth. “Women, Food and God” looks at how one’s relationship with food is reflected in one’s relationship to everything else in life. “Lost and Found” was written after she and her husband lost their life savings with Madoff. What she thought she has worked out with food was found to be deeply seated in her beliefs about money also. She stresses being mindful in socially conscious consuming and investing.

    • Thanks, Jill! I think the parallels between money and food are profound. Issues around consumption and the fear of scarcity are everywhere! Thanks for posting.