Dharma Seed KM Talks

If you’ve missed a Dharma Seed KM meeting, or if you’d just like to hear the talks again, click on the links below. I’ve listed these in reverse order, so the most recent talk is at the top of the list:














Vinny Ferraro
Working with Tyranny, recorded on 2/28/13




Winnie Narzarko
Surrender to Truth, recorded on 9/3/13





Joseph Goldstein
Questions and Answers, recorded on 11/6/13





Ajahn Sucitto
Explanation of  8 Precepts and Opening Retreat Talk, recorded on 5/31/13





Phillip Moffitt
The Metta of Awareness and the Awareness of Metta, recorded 4/18/13






Lila Wheeler
Letting Go and Compassion, recorded on 4/17/13





Phillip Moffitt
The Refuge in Awareness, recorded on 4/15/13






Lila Wheeler
The World of Experience, recorded on 4/14/13





Guy Armstrong
The Attitude in Awareness, recorded on 4/13/13




Pascal Auclair
Getting Real; Getting Free, recorded on 5/25/13




Trudy Goodman
Samma Samadhi: Wise Concentration, recorded on 5/15/11




Alan Wallace
Balancing the Heart and Mind, recorded on 3/6/10





Jack Kornfield
Compassion, recorded on 3/12/13




Stephen Batchelor
Confession of a Buddhist Atheist, recorded on 3/22/10





Martine Batchelor
Creative Engagement and Vipassana, recorded on 8/27/12




Martine Batchelor
Samatha and Vipassana, recorded on 8/25/12




Dan Siegel
Neuroscience and Mindfulness, recorded on 4/19/10





Sharon Salzberg
Faith and Equanimity, recorded on 1/13/12




Ajahn Sucitto
Welcome: The Entry to the Dynamic, recorded on 6/3/12





Kamala Masters
The Long Range View of Practice, recorded on 8/10/12




Steve Armstrong
A Life Style of Awareness, recored on 8/9/12





Gloria Ambrosia
Where is the Joy in Practice, recorded on 5/14/05






Noah Levine
Healing the Heart, recorded on 5/3/2010





Sylvia Boorstein
The Paramitas as the Path, recorded on 3/20/12





Gil Fronsdal
The Four Resolves, recorded on 5/18/12




Phillip Moffitt
The New You in the New Year, recorded on 1/1/12





Tara Brach
Trusting in Your Own Basic Goodness, recorded on 10/6/10




Joseph Goldstein
What is the Mind?, recorded on7/18/12




Shaila Catherine
Wisdom Wide and Deep, recorded on 2/9/12





Jack Kornfield
Poetry & Beauty, recorded on 10/10/11




Tara Brach
The Awakened Heart, recorded on 1/22/12