15 Aug
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Dancing on the Eightfold Path

The Monday night “Dancing with Life” KM Group has now started reading/discussing Chapter 20 (of Dancing with Life, by Phillip Moffitt). The chapter is titled: Developing Intention, Your Ally on the Path and it focuses on each of the 8 “factors” of the Noble Eightfold Path. Which are:

Wise Understanding
Wise Intention
Wise Speech
Wise Action
Wise Livelihood
Wise Effort
Wise Mindfulness
Wise Concentration 

Phillip writes: The Noble Eightfold Path is not a set of beliefs or laws but rather a practical, direct experience method for finding meaning and peace in your life.

Think of it as an organic blueprint from which you organize and live your life. Each of the path factors defines one aspect of behavioral development needed for you to move from suffering to joyIts eight factors function as an integrated system or matrix that supports and informs all parts of your life.

[The Buddha said the Four Noble Truths of suffering and the end of suffering must be “penetrated to by cultivating the Path.”] By “cultivating,” the Buddha means “attending to, nourishing, and manifesting” each of these factors of wisdom in your life. 


I’ll post what Phillip has to say on each of these factors over the next eight days. Stay tuned.

(image: Tarot Maddonni)


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