26 Feb
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Creative, Intuitive and Innovative

I formally registered online today for the first Community Dharma Leader (CDL) retreat that will be held at Spirit Rock on April 16-23. There was a very concise description of the program on the registration page that I don’t remember reading before:

The Community Dharma Leader Program is training and support for committed Dharma practitioners who have the potential to develop leadership skills. The foundation of the training is the ancient lineage of Theravada; yet, it is also designed to encourage creative, intuitive and innovative responses to applying these timeless teachings to contemporary lives. These teachings offer a Path through the complex difficulties of our world in spiritual, social, political, cultural, interpersonal and personal contexts.”

That reference to “political” helps explain why one of the first books we’re reading is Joanna Macy’s Coming Back to Life. (Which, as you may know, I’m not all that thrilled about. See my previous post on the subject here.)

But I love the “creative, intuitive and innovative” part!

Although when it comes to “applying these timeless teachings to contemporary lives” it could get messy.

Which is kind of the point, right?

Stay tuned.

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