1 Sep
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Coming Home

I leave Chapel Hill tomorrow morning for a 2-day drive back to St. Louis. If all goes well, I’ll be home late Wednesday night, but I probably won’t be ready to post right away. So check back again sometime after Friday, Sept 5.

In the mean time, I leave you with this list of “sayings, wise saws, and small stones from the Valley,” found in one of the new-to-me books I discovered at the Chapel Hill library: Aways Coming Home, by Ursula LeGuin. (published in 1985)

* Judgement is poverty. 

* When I’m afraid, I listen to the silence of the field mouse. When I’m fearless, I listen to the silence of the mousing cat.

* If you don’t teach machines and horses to do what you want in their way, they’ll teach you to do what they want in your way.

* To go again where you have gone: Increase. To go backwards: Danger. Better to come round.

* Owning is owning, having is hoarding.

* The great hunter: one arrow in his quiver, one thought in his head.

* “Like” and “different” are quickening words, brooding and hatching. “Better” and “worse” are eggsucking words, they leave only the shell.

* Cats may be green somewhere else, but the cats here don’t care.

* Nothing can make water better.


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