3 Apr
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Buen Camino

More from the Intro to the Guidebook of Maps for the Camino de Santiago, by John Brierley:

“We have been asleep a long time. Despite the chaotic world around us, or perhaps because of it, something is stirring us to awaken from our collective amnesia.

“A sign of this awakening is the number of people drawn to walk the camino. The hectic pace of modern life, experienced not only in our work but also our family and social lives, spins us ever outwards away from our center. We have allowed ourselves to be thrown onto the surface of our lives — mistaking busyness for aliveness, but this superficial existence is inherently unsatisfying.

“The camino offers us an opportunity to slow down and allow some spaciousness into our lives. In this quieter space we can reflect on the deeper significance of our lives and the reasons why we came…

“The camino encourages us to ask the perennial question — who am I? And, crucially, it provides time for answers to be understood and integrated.”

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