11 May
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If You’ve Just Got 5 Minutes

the-path-opensMaybe by now you are all tired of me pointing to this or that talk, always saying how terrific it is, how clear or inspiring or whatever… posting a link and more or less assuming that you’ve all got plenty of time to listen to hour-long dharma talks.

Which, of course, is not the case.

So I’m going to try something different this time.

If you DO happen to have an extra hour…I highly recommend listening to this talk by Ajahn Sucitto. (It’s the introductory talk he gave at a weeklong retreat on the theme of: The Deeper You Go, the Lighter it Gets.)

If you DON’T have an hour….see if you can find just 5 minutes to listen to what seems to me to be the real heart of this practice. (Start at about 5 minutes into the talk and go to about the 10-minute mark.)

And if you don’t even have 5 minutes….just listen to 1 minute (between the 5- and 6-minute mark.)

For me, that’s the bit that says it all.

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